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Candy Pop Snickers Popcorn 149G Large Bag

Candy Pop Snickers Popcorn 149G Large Bag

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Snickers chocolate candy bars & popcorn, are teaming up to take on your taste buds as we deliver the delicious taste of a Snickers chocolate candy bar in a light, crunchy popcorn package! It?s an incredibly satisfying popcorn combo that?s big on flavor, low in calories, and guaranteed to elevate snacking for all ages. The resealable popcorn package extends snacking occasions for the whole family. On-the-go, parties, a fun surprise in a school lunchbox, or bringing the delicious popcorn flavors and textures to movie night. The low calorie, delicious Snickers chocolate candy bar popcorn elevates any snacking opportunity. Help us make a difference with a portion of all proceeds donated to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation dedicated to inspiring today?s youth through entertainment and education focused initiatives.Made with real Snickers chocolate candy bar piecesDrizzled popcorn with SNICKERS chocolate, caramel and nuts.Low in calories. 

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