Haribo I Like Mix 375g



Everyone likes them. With the Haribo I Like Mix, all those with a sweet tooth will get their money's worth. In this colorful mix you will find delicious Labre Larver, spicy soft liquorice and popular fruit gum fruits and vampires. 

Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, gelatine, WHEAT FLOUR, brown sugar syrup, dextrose, corn starch, acidulants: (citric acid, tartaric acid), liquorice extract (3% based on the liquorice content), flavor, fruit and vegetable concentrates: (spirulina, safflower, apple, lemon , Radish, sweet potato, carrot, black currant, hibiscus), caramel syrup, ammonium salt, invert sugar syrup, table salt, coloring agent (curcumin, real carmine, biochar, titanium dioxide), palm oil, coating agent: (beeswax white and yellow, carnauba wax), release agent (talc) , Preservative (sorbic acid).