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Maxim's Red Tin 22 assorted chocolates "Bonjour Paris"

Maxim's Red Tin 22 assorted chocolates "Bonjour Paris"

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For summer, our best seller is dressed up in a summery, typically Parisian sheath!

Metal box filled with 22 pure cocoa butter chocolates:

  • Maxim’s chocolate crests
  • Dark chocolate fondant disk
  • Gianduja coffee
  • Milk ganache
  • Milk chocolate disc praline and speculoos
  • Disc with caramel ganache and salt flower
  • Hazelnut and gianduja milk chocolate
  • Gianduja chocolate caramel flavour
  • Milk chocolate with hazelnuts praline and crispy crepe splinters
  • Milk chocolate and hazelnut praline rocher

Sugar,  Cocoa Mass,  Hazelnuts,  Cocoa Butter,  Whole Milk Powder,  Concentrated Butter  (Milk),  Stabilizer: Sorbitol  (E420),  Crispy Crêpe Chips,   (,  Wheat Flour  (Gluten),  Sugar,  Concentrated Butter  (Milk),  Skimmed Milk Powder,  Salt,  ),  Lactose  (Milk),  Almond,  Inverted Sugar Syrup,  Concentrated Milk,  Speculoos,   (,  Wheat Flour  (Gluten),  Vegetable Oil : Colza,  Candied Sugar Syrup,  Caster Sugar,  Dark Brown Sugar,  Brown Sugar,  Concentrated Butter  (Milk),  Caramelized Sugar,  Cinnamon Powder,  Leavening Agent: Ammonium Carbonate  (E503i),  Vanilla Natural Flavour,  ),  Emulsifier : Soya Lecithin  (E322),  Cream  (Milk),  Cocoa Powder,  Stabilizer: Glycerol  (E422),  Flavours,  Salt,  Salt Flower,  Coloring: E100  (Turmeric)),

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