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Meiji Biscuits with Chocolate Flavoured Filling 50g

Meiji Biscuits with Chocolate Flavoured Filling 50g

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Find Meiji’s Hello Panda branded Japanese Biscuits with Chocolate Flavoured Fillings. The Hello Panda biscuits consist of a small hollow shortbread layer, filled with different creamy ingredients as fillings. This version features chocolate as fillings. The biscuits are curious to watch because of the panda drawing on each of them. It is extremely popular with children and is also a snack which suits all occasions. It can be delicious alone or with tea/coffee.

  • Allergens: Wheat, Whey, Milk, Barley, Soya Lecithin E322

Ingredients: Biscuit 56%, Wheat Flour 35.4%, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil) 11.4%, Sugar 7%, Seasoning [Maltodextrin, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Yoghurt Powder (Skim Milk Powder, Whey Powder, Milk Fat), Flavour Enhancers (E627, E631)], Leavening Agents (E503(ii), E500(ii)), Salt, Emulsifier (E473), Malt Extract (Barley), Yeast Powder, Natural Colour (E150a). Chocolate Flavoured Cream 44.0%, Sugar 18.3%, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil) 14.4%, Cocoa Mass 7.4$, Whole Milk Powder, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin E322), Artificial Vanilla andChocolate Flavourings

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