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  1. Oreo Handi Snacks


    Nabisco Oreo handi snacks - 6 packs. Each pack contains a pot of Oreo Creme, and Oreo sticks for dunking.
  2. Oreo Birthday Cake


    A large pack of birthday cake flavour original Oreo cookies from the USA. Contains about 24 cookies.
  3. Oreo Brownie


    Cream filled Oreo brownie.
  4. Oreo Peeps Limited Edition


    Limited Edition Oreo Peeps from the USA. Large pack, contains 20 cookies.
  5. Oreo Double


    Box of Oreo Double from France with double the filling. Contains 6 packs of 2.
  6. Oreo Golden Birthday Cake


    Golden Oreos, with a birthday cake filling!! Large pack, imported from the USA.
  7. Oreo Mega Stuf


    With triple the filling of a normal Oreo cookie, it's Mega Stuf Oreos from the USA.
  8. Oreo White Choc


    White Chocolate covered Oreos from France. Each box contains six packs of two.
  9. Milka Oreo 37g


    37g stick bar of the popular Milka Oreo. A crispy Oreo filling surrounded by Milka chocolate.
  10. Milka with Oreo Biscuit


    100g bar of Oreo filled Milka. Product of Germany.