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AriZona Watermelon - 22fl.Oz (650ml)

AriZona Watermelon - 22fl.Oz (650ml)

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Quench your thirst with the refreshing and summery flavour of AriZona Watermelon. This delightful beverage captures the essence of ripe, juicy watermelons, offering a sweet and satisfying taste that's perfect for hot days or any time you're craving a tropical escape.

AriZona Watermelon is a flavourful blend of natural watermelon flavour and quality ingredients. With each sip, you'll enjoy the mouth-watering sweetness of watermelon, reminiscent of picnics and sunny days by the pool. Whether you're sipping it by the beach, sharing it with friends, or simply cooling off on a warm afternoon, AriZona Watermelon promises a taste of summer that's as refreshing as it is delicious. So, pop open a bottle, take a sip, and let the juicy watermelon flavour of AriZona transport you to a world of sunny relaxation with every refreshing gulp!

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