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Hostess Twinkies Glazed Bouncers

Hostess Twinkies Glazed Bouncers

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Bounce and bounce they go! HOSTESS BOUNCERS Glazed TWINKIES are the perfect poppable treat. Enjoy delicious snacking on the go. Whether it?s an after-school snack for your kids or an afternoon pick-me-up for you, get ready to LIVE YOUR MOSTESS. Bite into the moist cake with yummy creamy filling and satisfy those snack cake cravings any time of day. With no high fructose corn syrup, these tasty snack cakes make the ideal addition to any lunchbox and are perfect for little hands. Five packable pouches contain three poppable mini cakes for an explosion of snack time fun. Baked with real vanilla, HOSTESS BOUNCERS Glazed TWINKIES are shareable, snackable, poppable and always delicious!

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