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Marabou with Tuc Salty Crackers

Marabou with Tuc Salty Crackers

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Experience the delightful fusion of sweet and salty flavors with Marabou Tuc, a delicious chocolate bar from Sweden. Each bar features smooth Marabou milk chocolate topped with crunchy TUC crackers, creating a perfect harmony of textures and tastes. Crafted with care by Marabou, a renowned brand known for its exquisite chocolates, Marabou Tuc is the ultimate treat for anyone craving a unique and indulgent snack. Whether you’re enjoying it on your own or sharing with friends and family, Marabou Tuc promises a memorable taste experience that will leave you wanting more.

Sugar, WHEAT FLOUR, MILK POWDER, cocoa mass, whey powder (MILK), BUTTER FAT, palm oil, glucose syrup, malt extract from GRAINS, emulsifier (SOY LECITIN, E476), baking powder (E503, E500, E450), salt , WHEAT STARCH, flavourings, BUTTER, antioxidants (SODIUM DISULPHITE), yeast extract, sweetened condensed MILK, acidity regulators (E524). MAY CONTAIN NUTS, EGGS AND SESAME SEEDS. At least 30% cocoa in the milk chocolate.

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